We are serving the Industries

We are proving premium quality Products to these industries

HWTC is providing food ingredients that are essential in providing the consumer with a wide range of affordable, qualitative and safe foods.

HWTC provides the best minerals from the world's most renown suppliers and manufacturers.

Soft drinks and juices include many ingredients like food colours, sugar and fruit juice content, flavouring, carbonation level, preservatives etc..

Humayun Wellchem provides the ingredients to make Oils and Ghee. The main flavour components of ghee are Carbonyls, Free Fatty Acids, Lactone and Alcohols.

Preservatives and Salts are used commonly in medicines such as acetaminophen, insulin and cough syrup etc. They are in the purest form.

At Humayun Wellchem Trading Concern we understand the many complexities of the pet care and animal feed market specially poultry.