Seven Major Food Color Additives
19 Mar

In the process of making food or drink, especially mass-produced by machine, the accuracy of the end product can be a bit skewed. Because specific colors are associated with certain flavors, and vice versa, food coloring was introduced in acknowledgment of its correlation to perceived tastes. Coloring also…

Uses of Food Colors
21 Oct

Uses of Food Colors In this era of immense competition, everyone strives to stand out from the crowd. Food is no different in this regard. The food we eat every day must be appetizing and must appeal to the consumers as well. For this very purpose, the manufacturers…

Uses of Preservatives in Food
06 Oct

Uses of Preservatives in Food The term “preservatives” or "food additives" refers to the functional name for a wide variety of compounds that help slow or prevent bacterial growth in food Preservatives in Food: Preservatives are added to food to fight spoilage caused by bacteria, moulds, fungus, and…

Humayun Chemicals Lahore
23 Oct

Slogan: “Chemicals with superior Quality” By the Grace of Allah, Humayun Chemicals has always provided high standard chemicals along with excellent, reliable and efficient service. Thirty-three years of hard work with superior service, catering more than four hundred products have placed Humayun Chemicals amongst the largest industrial chemical…

Chemrock International
23 Oct

Slogan: “Global Innovative Sourcing” Formed in 2008, Chemrock International is one of the emerging indenting houses in the field of chemicals based in Lahore, Pakistan. Chemrock is representing several renowned chemical manufacturers around the world as their exclusive sole agents in Pakistan.

Humayun Wellchem Trading Concern
23 Oct

Slogan: “The Specialty Chemical Company” HWTC is a new entrant in the chemical sector. However, Our 60 years of chemical trading experience on our back and strong minded plans to excel in the specialty chemical business have given us just the perfect start for a bright future.