Humayun Wellchem Trading Concern (HWTC), The Specialty Chemical Company, formed in 2010 is a sister concern of  Humayun Chemicals founded in 1982. HWTC has chosen to diversify into a different line compared to its parent company.
HWTC deals in an incredibly broad and diversified variety of Specialty Chemicals for a vast range of industries that include Food, Health and Personal Care, Beverages, Oil & Ghee, Pharmaceutical, and Poultry Feed.
Alhamdulillah, with 65 years years of experience on our back and qualified team of professionals enables us to deliver outstanding services with total customer satisfaction.

Providing Quality is a commitment to excellence. It is achieved by teamwork and a process of continuous improvement. We are dedicated to providing quality products and services which meet or exceed the expectations of our customers. Delivering what we promise, when we promise to, with integrity. We value long term relationships over short term gain. Adding real value and expertise during every interaction, plus the capacity for lateral thinking to solve your problems.

With the possession of a strong desire to be more successful HWTC are thriving to be the best in the business.
Humayun Wellchem: “The Specialty Chemical Company

HWTC is a new entrant in the chemical sector. However, Our 60 years of chemical trading experience on our back and strong minded plans to excel in the specialty chemical business have given us just the perfect start for a bright future. “Chemicals with superior Quality
By the Grace of Allah, Humayun Chemicals has always provided high standard chemicals along with excellent, reliable and efficient service. Thirty three years of hard work with superior service, catering more than four hundred products have placed Humayun Chemicals amongst the largest industrial chemical suppliers of the Country.

Chemrock: “Global Innovative Sourcing
Formed in 2008, Chemrock International is one of the emerging indenting houses in the field of chemicals based in Lahore, Pakistan.
Chemrock is representing several renowned chemical manufacturers around the world as their exclusive sole agents in Pakistan.